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Why do you need this course?

14 Reasons

1- Extensive teaching & clarification of all topics of the exam :

   The course is not a revision one like most of the courses, we start from the zero point to

   cover all candidates needs and reach together to a professional level for each chapter.

   Your teacher will discuss all points in full details and allow free time for

   candidates to ask about anything conflicting them to ensure that our students covers all the

   topics needed to pass the exam easily.

2- Discussing all the MCQS books recommended by the royal college:

  When you log to the Reading List in the site of the Royal College, you will find a lot of

   recommended text EMQs and MCQS books which needs months to solve all of them. You can not

   ignore solving them as they are written by a professional doctors and a lot of these

  questions appear in the exam. Don't worry, we already covered all these MCQS in our

  notes so when you try solving them, you will find it  like a piece of cake.

3- Solving the Past Paper MCQs with explanation:

  Thanks a lot for the Royal College which published for the first time since 1970

   the real exams of the previous years from 1997 - 2001. This seems to be very useful

   as a lot of these MCQS appears in the future exams. It also gives a real view

   about the topics the Royal College is interested in.

  Answers are not included because they would like to encourage candidates to seek out

   information themselves and thus learn in the process.

  We included all the new topics answers in our notes so, you don't need to spend days

   reading large text books to solve one f the most important books for each candidate.


4- Periodic evaluation:

  After each chapter, all candidates will be evaluated by a real exam and their results will be collected over the course so that they will have a good reference about their levels at the end of the course.

5- Focusing on the most important points:

  During the teaching process, your teacher will tell you which topics are extremely important

  and which ones are less. This will help you to focus more on the most important topics

  and not to waste your time in less important ones.

6- Values of study group:

   Nobody can ignore the importance of the study group. You will benefit a lot from the

   discussion of the candidates with their tutor. You will learn a lot from their mistakes.

   You can discuss together conflicting and  unclear topics. You can learn from their previous

   experience specially candidate who had sit the exam before.

7- How not to forget:

   During the course, your tutor will give you hints, summaries and secrets which will help

    you   to answer a lot of the exam MCQs  in no time without the need to correlate facts and

    recall memory to answer them. This will help you to save more time for questions which

    are totally new and for pilot questions. .

8- Save time:

   We save your time by :

   * Answering all the MCQS books and including them in our notes.

   * Provide you with updated study source, you will need nothing more to pass.

   * Scheduling your study time.

9- Schedule fixed time for study:

   Most of the candidates intending to appear in the Royal College exam have their

    private jobs and they hardly find time to schedule their study plan or they may schedule

    extra time for less important topics and vice versa.

   We schedule the study plan for them using our experience, so that they can follow

    our schedule to finish on the optimum time before the exam.

10- How to pass from the first time:

   A lot of candidates failed to pass the exam from the first time, they wonder where are the

    defects. Actually, it is not easy to pass from the first attempt as long you depend on the

    trial and error way of learning. You can never see your mistakes So, we use our

   experience with previous candidates & provide you with a rich source for study material to help you

  pass from the first time.

11- We provide you with a study notes (The Way for MRCOG):

   The course notes cover most of the text books, EMQs and  MCQS books recommended by the

    Royal college and it is updated every 6 months based on our candidates experience from their

    attempts of the exams. You will need nothing more.

12- Free lectures:

   To give our candidate an idea about what they are going to pay for, anyone can register for a free lecture with no obligation to attend the course. No credit card is needed or any hident payment, just fill the registration form and submit it.

13- We update our course:

   Thanks a lot for our candidates who attended the exam and feed us back us with the new topics

   appeared so that we update out notes after each  exam. Please be sure

   that the copy you have is the most recent updated one..


14- Multimedia facilities:

We use  various multimedia facilities and provide extensive notes, so that you can focus on listening to the lectures without the need to write after your lecturer.


If you think you can do that alone so, you have no need to attend our course