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March 2008

(82.3% passed from our candidates)

                               14 (Out of 17) MRCOGway attendees passed (12 from 1st attempt)

MRCOGway attendees came from 7 Universities

ABD EL-DAYEM Rasha Mohamed Mohamed MB BCh Ain Shams
ABD EL-ZAHER Hassan Ali MB BCh 6th October
ABDALLA Dalia Abbas Fareed MB BCh Dubai Med College for Girls
ABDULLAH Nehal Mohammed Mohammed MB BCh Cairo
EL DARAWI Mohamed El Sayed El Hodiby MB BCh Misr
EL DASH Ahmad Ali Abd El Aziz MB BCh Ain Shams
ELDARAWY Sherif El Sayed El Hodiby Hassan MB BCh Ain Shams
ELKHARBOTLY Heba Allah Adel Aziz MB BCh Cairo
EL-SEDAWY Maged Mahmoud Moustafa MB BCh Ain Shams
GADALLAH Moustafa Hussein Kamel MB BCh Ain Shams
HASSANEIN Tamer Mahmoud Zaki MB ChB Alexandria
HERRECK Mahy Mohsen Mohamed MB BCh Misr
SALEM Mohamed Magdy Shafeek MB BCh Misr
WADERA Priti MB BS Delhi

September 2007

(70% passed from our candidates)

                               12 (Out of 17)MRCOGway attendees passed (10 from 1st attempt)

MRCOGway attendees came from 4 Universities

DAOUD Mariam Milad Zyada MB BCh Cairo
EL SHAZLY Mostafa Mahmoud Monib Hassan MB ChB Tanta
EL-LITHY Shaimaa Mohamed Abd-Elshafi El-Tayeb MB BCh Cairo
EMAM Noura Alaa El-Din Abd Elrhman MB BCh Cairo
FARID Vivian Faik MB BCh Ain Shams
IBRAHIM Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud MB BCh Cairo
MOHAMED Basma Farouk Hussein MB BCh Cairo
MOHAMMED Fatma El Zhraa Sobhy Afify MB BCh Cairo
NOURELDEEN Ramy Abdelmohsen Kamel MB BCh Ain Shams
EL HEBAIRY Marwa Saied Fahmy Rabiea MB BCh Ain Shams
YOUSSEF Amir Arabi Gabr MB BCh Cairo
AL-SHAIBANI Amina Yaaqoub MB BCh Dubai Med College for Girls

March 2007

                                 14 (Out of 16) MRCOGway attendees passed (7 from 1st time)

                                             MRCOGway attendees came from 10 Universities

ABD ALLAH Hikmat Ramadan Mahmoud

MB BCh Suez Canal

ABD EL KADER Doaa Ibrahem Eldoseky

MB BCh Cairo
AHMED Mahmoud Abd El-Rahim Yousif MB BCh Al-Azhar

AHMED Riham Anwar Niazy

MB BCh Alexandria
DAHAB Sherif Adel Mohamed Wagdy MB BCh Cairo

EL-AZAB Mohammed Ibrahim Ali MB

MB BCh 6th October

GOBRAN Sherif Medhat Tadros

MB BCh Misr

MAHDI Enass Yaseen

MB ChB Baghdad

MAHRAN Rania Ali Abd El Hafeez

MB BCh Cairo
MOHSEN Sally Mohamed Samy MB BCh Ain Shams
SAMUEL Rasha Makeen Blamon MB BCh Suez Canal
SHANAB Mohammed Mostafa Al-Shahat Mohammed MB ChB Mansoura
SHANAB Osama Moustafa El Shahat Mohamed MB ChB Mansoura

September 2006

                     9 (Out of 14) MRCOGway attendees passed (6 from 1st time)

                                             MRCOGway attendees came from 5 Universities

AWAD Noura El Imam Ali Nour El Din

MB BCh Cairo

SHARAF Cherifa Mahmoud Abdelhakim

MB BCh Cairo

SAFAA EL-DIN Ahmed Mohamed Ismail MB BCh Cairo

EL-HADDAD Shereen Awad Ibrahim

MB BCh Ain Shams


ABO GAREEB Nabila Ali Heder Youssef

MB ChB Alexandria

AAMER Ahmed El-Sayed Abd El-Maksoud

MB BCh Menoufia

ABD EL RAHMAN AHMED Mohammed Hamdy Nagieb

MB BCh Menoufia

EL-NAGGAR Mohamed Mansy Metwaly

MB ChB Tanta

March 2006

Passing analysis

8 candidates passed paper 1  and 1.5% away from passing in paper 2

1 candidate passed paper 2 and 1.5% away from passing paper 1

1 candidate didn't pass

September 2005


MB BCh Ain Shams

BAYOUMI Mohamed Zaki

MB BCh Cairo

March 2005

ATTIA Mohsen Ahmed El-Sayed

MB BCh Cairo

DARWISH Mohamed Gamal Eldin Mohamed

MB BCh Cairo

EL-HALAFAWY Mohamed Alaaeldin Ahmed

MB BCh Cairo