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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our course or the exam and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.


How muh of the fees for the MROCG exam (Part 1) ?

£ 300


Can I work in the UK after passing my 1st part if I am an international medical graduate (IMG)?

Yes you can work under the royal collage sponsorship program (IDTP) but you need:

1. Passing MRCOG Part 1

2. IELTS (Academic) with a score of at least 7 in all of its moduels (Listening, writting, reading and speaking).

3. 4 years expereience in working in the obstetrics and gynaecolgy field in a private or governmental hospital.

4. Eligible for sitting for part 2 exam.

5. No previous attempt to set the PLAB or register for GMC in the UK.


What is the average salary for working as SHO in the UK?

This ranges between 2500 to 3200 GBP depending on the hospital you will work in, this number is after tax deduction.


How many times may I take MRCOG Part 1 exam?



What is the average pass rate for all candidates taeking the exam?

Around 19-22% of all candidates take the exam pass, most candidates pass after 2-3 attepmts specially those with no previous UK experience. Our course average pass is 82%.


I took the exam more than one time and I didn't pass, I do not know where is the problem?

There are a lot of study material, some of them are updated and others not. Some candidates either study more than needed or less than needed. The main problem for failing to pass is the source of study and the time management before the exam. In our course, we provide only one reasonable source of study and manage your time to balance between the less important and most important parts of the curriculum so that you can revise on time before the exam.